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Questions and Bible Answers

Do You Really have to be Baptized to Become a Child of God?

How Does God Speak to us Today?

Does the Bible say how many will go to Heaven?

Is it Necessary to have Bible Authority for Everything One Does in Religion?

When Should My Baby be Baptized?

Who was God Speaking to in Genesis 1:26?

Are there Miracles in this Age?

Can One Fall from Grace?

Does the Bible Reveal when the World Ends?

Is the Battle of Armageddon Literal?

Where is the Headquarters of the church of Christ located?

How can I Overcome Temptation?

Is there Going to be a Resurrection?

Does God Approve of Divorce and Remarriage?

Does God Approve of Special Titles for Preachers?

Is Homosexuality Wrong?

How was the Gospel Preached to the Dead?

Is Truth Absolute?

Will We Know our Loved Ones in Heaven?