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Powerpoint Sermons by Charles E. Burch

Crown of Victory

Does Jesus Care?

God So Loved

God's Precious Gift

Matthew 24 - Signs of the End of the World?

Victory over Death

Will Only 144,000 Be In Heaven?

Authority In Christianity

The Second Coming Of Christ

God Alone Can Forgive

About Heaven & Eternity

Glorifying God

Some Things We Can Know

The Will To Overcome

The Jerusalem Example

My God, My God

The Joy Of Singing

What Are We Authorized To Celebrate?

The Battle Of Armageddon

We Can Know We Will Be Like Him

A Deadly Contrast

Church of the Bible

God is Faithful

I am the Resurrection

Is God Listening

What to do with Sin

Can One be Saved Outside the Church

Doing What We Can


Three Steps to Heaven

I Am The Way